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Pentathlon News: Hatch leaves race
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Pentathlon news
• 3/9: Bradley & McCain quit, clash
• 3/7: Gore flicks a winner
• 2/21: Bradley, handball ace
• 2/14: McCain hops to victory
• 2/10: Forbes cashes out
• 2/4: Bauer falls out
• 2/2: Bush takes marbles
• 1/28: Events moved up
• 1/26: Hatch quits race

The candidates
• Bill Bradley (D)out of race
• Al Gore (D)
• Gary Bauer (R)out of race
• George W. Bush (R)
• Steve Forbes (R)out of race
• Orrin Hatch (R)out of race
• Alan Keyes (R)
• John McCain (R)out of race

 trash can: quit race

The events
• 2/2: Marbles
• 2/14: Hopscotch
• 2/21: Handball
• 3/7: Skully
• 3/14: Stickball

Hatch leaves race, cites Pentathlon troubles

Hatch shoulder shrug
Hatch concedes, "I'm too old for this crap."
WASHINGTON (Streetplay newsfeed, 1/26/2000) - Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch announced on Wednesday he was dropping out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination. While finishing last in the Iowa caucuses, Hatch cited his inability to participate in 2 of the 5 Streetplay Pentathlon 2000 events as the motivating factor for his departure.

Hatch told a news conference on Capitol Hill, "I am announcing today that I will no longer seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States. My showing in Iowa only compounds the fact that my moral objection to participation in bouncing-ball sports would inevitably cause me to lose the Streetplay Pentathlon, and subsequently would ruin any chance I may have had for nomination by my party."

Hatch, who was the last Republican to enter the presidential campaign, felt he would compensate for not playing handball and stickball by "kicking ass" in other Streetplay events. Reportedly, he had been practicing marbles and hopscotch for months.

While the other candidates headed to New Hampshire to gear up for the presidential primary there next week, Hatch went back to Washington to reevaluate his so-called "personal moral barometer."

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