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Presidential Pentathlon 2000
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Streetplay Presidential Pentathlon section guide

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Pentathlon news
• 3/9: Bradley & McCain quit, clash
• 3/7: Gore flicks a winner
• 2/21: Bradley, handball ace
• 2/14: McCain hops to victory
• 2/10: Forbes cashes out
• 2/4: Bauer falls out
• 2/2: Bush takes marbles
• 1/28: Events moved up
• 1/26: Hatch quits race

The candidates
• Bill Bradley (D)out of race
• Al Gore (D)
• Gary Bauer (R)out of race
• George W. Bush (R)
• Steve Forbes (R)out of race
• Orrin Hatch (R)out of race
• Alan Keyes (R)
• John McCain (R)out of race

 trash can: quit race

The events
• 2/2: Marbles
• 2/14: Hopscotch
• 2/21: Handball
• 3/7: Skully
• 3/14: Stickball

We put the candidates to the test

He shoots he scores
Bush makes up for a "bump in the road" in New Hampshire by rolling away with the marbles championship.
Are you getting tired of watching CNN, listening to the pre-programmed blather about the 2000 presidential campaign? Heard the candidates' promises before? Don't know who most of them are anyway? Streetplay is here to cut through the drivel and show the candidates for what they really are. We proudly present the Streetplay Presidential Pentathlon 2000.

All the major candidates will participate. In February and March, they will assemble in one of the five boroughs of New York City and battle each other in a test of wit and stamina, playing a street game. Only the strongest will survive. The results will be posted here. The prize? Honor, glory, and the endorsement of!

Pentathlon events

 2/2/2000: Marbles
 2/14/2000: Hopscotch
 2/21/2000: Handball
 3/7/2000: Skully
 3/14/2000: Stickball

Candidate pentathletes

 Bill Bradley (D)
 Al Gore (D)
 Gary Bauer (R)
 George W. Bush (R)
 Steve Forbes (R)
 Orrin Hatch (R)
 Alan Keyes (R)
 John McCain (R)

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