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Streetplay turns 20!
Streetplay turns 20!

Look who's back...

It doesn't seem possible that our site is now twenty years old, but it is! We're planning some new stuff to keep the ball rolling, including new About Us and What's New pages (duh!), a new Facebook discussion group to complement our Facebook page, a searchable and organized archive of our original disussion area (about 14 years of folks sharing their memories!), a tribute to our dear friend in play, Bernie DeKoven, and of course, Streetplay Twentieth Anniversary Gear (t-shirts, caps, and more).

Stay tuned to this space, as well as the Streetplay Facebook page, as we roll out these and more anniversary features.

Streetplay 20 Commemorative Gear

From t-shirts to hoodies to water bottles and more, visit our new Streetplay 20 Commemorative Gear selection on CafePress to get some swag and keep Streetplay going.

Bernie De Koven: The Well-Played Life, 1941-2018

Ever since we earned his "Major Fun" award in 2003, Bernie's been an indelible influence on Streetplay. Visit our new tribute to him to learn more.



Visit Skully Central
Going for 3's
The bottlecap game with the funny names

Skully—OK, you called it skelly—is maybe the most distinctive urban game of flicking bottlecaps from box to box. Though it was born in the street on a chalk-drawn board, skully is easily adapted for any clime at any time by playing on the basement floor or in a driveway. Skully Central will get you started.

Featured articles

Willie Mays MLB All-Star Event
In the summer of 2008, Major League Baseball decided to hold its annual All-Star game in Yankee Stadium one last time. Willie Mays was invited to his old stickball stomping grounds to celebrate; take a look at our coverage.

Hanging out: Making the rules
Part of street gaming involves everyone playing by the same rules. Here's how it's done.

Streeplay photos: Walls
A collection of general photography featuring walls and the games we play with them.

A Playful World: London, England
The Playful World project documents the games and play of children from different places around the globe, in this case, London, England. Please share the joyful aspects of our shared cultures.

Member spotlight: Willie Blas
A lot of our readers have shared their stories with us first-hand in our Member Spotlight section. Here, Willie Blas tells us about his West Coast style self-made stickball bats.

Streetplay postcards
Streetplay postcards
You can share Streetplay goodness via e-mail: just pick out one of the cool pictures and send it to a friend!

Site highlights

  • In Tribute: Steve Mercado, FDNY
    Steve Mercado, a leader in the stickball community, was one of the brave firefighters lost in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. This is our tribute to him.
  • Streetplay at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
    The Smithsonian Institution invited us to DC to introduce America to our favorite games. Read how it went!
  • Essays and Commentary
    We're often asked to comment upon the benefits kids get through unsupervised, ad hoc play. Here, we address the evaporation of such activity in modern times
  • Streetplay Cineplex Video!
    Throw some popcorn in the microwave, grab a jumbo-sized soda and watch street games in motion right on your computer!
  • Streetplay Links
    Maybe we're not Google, but we take a shot at listing some of our favorite play-related websites here.

Featured game: Hit the stick

Hit the stick
Hit the stick is one of the many games we cover in The Games section.

Cypriat boy with kite
Go Fly a Kite: this Streetplay Gallery shows kids all over the world doing it.

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