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Lights, camera... action!

Streetplay videos now on YouTube!

The Internet finally caught up to our web Cineplex concept: be sure you visit our YouTube Channel where you'll see not only our videos, but also the best we've found on YouTube that celebrate the street playing culture.

Welcome to the Cineplex, where we show you the games in motion. If you're stuck in modem-land and your download speed is slower than a sumo wrestler doing a 100-yard dash, just go outside, play some stickball, and it'll be done by the time you get back.

Get QuickTime 4

You'll need QuickTime to play these movies; it's available for Windows and Macintosh for free from Apple Computer. (Link opens in new window.)
Movie frame
Click to see movie (2:23 mins., 7.5 Mb, 50k/sec)

Action from the USHA one-wall championship
On 8/6/2000, the United States Handball Association (USHA) held the men's and women's finals of their annual one-wall handball championship. After you watch video coverage of the event, you can read all the details in our complete coverage of the finals.
Movie frame
Click to see movie (20 secs., 1.1 Mb, 50k/sec)

Wendy does Hula Hoop
Wendy is Streetplay's Hula Hoop queen, as you can see by this video segment. She's joined us at several Streetplay events, teaching people young and old how to hoop. How did she get so good at it? Read her member spotlight to find out!
Boxball instructional video
Click to see movie (30 secs., 1.6 Mb)

The game of boxball in action
Boxball is one of the simplest street games, requiring very little space but a great deal of skill. After you get a taste for it in watching this video, read the more detailed description in our description of boxball in The Games.
Box baseball instructional video
Click to see movie (38 secs., 2.1 Mb)

Box baseball: tiny field, big fun
Box baseball is a hybrid of boxball where a baseball game is simulated by pitching and fielding a rubber ball on 3 squares of a sidewalk. The rules are a little tricky, so after you've watched this video intro, study the details in our box baseball page in The Games.
Double Dutch Divas
Click to see movie (19 secs., 709 K)

Double Dutch Divas deliver dancing delight
The Double Dutch Divas are perhaps the only professional entertainment-oriented jumprope group. They've appeared on several TV spots and are regularly asked to perform at local events. You can see why they're in demand by watching this clip. See even more video clips by going to our coverage of one of their performances.

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