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Summer, 2003
Stickball Classic's 10th Year
It's been 10 years since Curtis Sliwa teamed up with the Daily News for the NYC Stickball Classic. Mayor Bloomberg marked the occassion along with some of the City's top brass.
Stickball - Hall of Fame
Highlights and stories about the sux players who were inducted to the Stickball Hall of Fame for 2003.
Handball Tournaments in Full Gear
Each week there are some new events marking tough competition one of the City's most popular and intense sports. See coverage of the USHA Nationals, King of the Courts and more...

Spring, 2003

Our new kite section introduces you to this universal form of play, provides online resources for kite wannabes, and shows the beauty of the sport with lots of pictures.
Koncrete Kids
The latest addition to this Streetplay exclusive comic strip presents a timely springtime theme.
Expansion of Streetplay Store
Check out our latest group of Streetplay branded merchandise. From sweats to clocks, we bet you'll find something you'll like.
Contest - Best Spring Memory
Spring Fever can make you do memorable things--share your favorite story with us, and you might win $50.
Stickball Classic's 10th Year
The Bronx Emperors emerge as victors in a rainy but intense Memorial Stickball Tournament..

Winter, 2003

Streetplay - On Language
On February 16, 2003, William Safire wrote about the use of childhood game terminology in the political rhetoric of the Iraqi war and cited Streetplay to explain the game of ringoleavio. Read Mr. Safire's column and see what you think about this timely topic.
Play Around the World - Spain
A Spanish teacher compiles rules for dozens of the children's games in his nation.
Handball Profiles
New section profiles some of the games top handball players.
October, 2002
New Senior Stickball League in Florida
It'll be the Flatbush Egg Creams vs. the Coney Island Bull Dogs in the new "senior" stickball league down in Wellington Florida.
Halfball Returns to "Southie"
Ten teams showed up for the first South Boston annual halfball tournament. Read about the action and the rules to the game.
Stickball Classic
Vanderbilt Avenue (next to Grand Central Station) was the perfect "pinball-like field" for the 2002 Stickball Classic finals
September, 2002
Recycled Toys
Wherever there are few consumer products or where money is short, children make use common materials for games and play.
Summer Memories Contest
See some of the great stories we got from our readers in our summer memories contest.
Orlando Labor Day Stickball Tournament
The Deltono Rockets were the champs in this year's Labor Day tournament.
August, 2002
Handball Coverage
A bird's eye view of the action and highlights in the major one-wall handball events.
May, 2002
Emperors Memorial Day Stickball Tournament
The 2002 Memorial Day tournament was bitter sweet with a focus on the memory of Steve Mercado, former NY Emperors Stickball League President and one of the brave firefighters who perished in 9/11.
Stickball Hall of Fame - Class or 2002
Another great group of players were inducted into the Hall this year including Steve Mercado and former Yankee Rusty Torres.
April, 2002
Play Around the World
A new section exploring children's play in cultures throughout the world. What is different, what is the same and how do children use their creativity to produce a wonderful spectrum of games that reflect their traditions and unique environments?
Old Time Street Play
Streetplay teams up with City Lore and the New York Historical Society to present a workshop about some of the City's great old time games.
March, 2002
Streetplay Essays
A new section where we philosophize how changes to our environment and our attitudes on appropriate childhood activities is impacting the role of play.
December, 2001
The Streetplay Store
For the holiday season, we've added some great nostalgic items like Nok Hockey and Mr Potato Head to the Streetplay virtual store. Every time you make a purchase your also giving us a present: a commission from the vendor!
2001 Financial Statement
From the start we've realized that Streetplay never had a prayer to make any real money--we're proud to say we've exceeded that expectation. Here's one financial statement designed to give you a chuckle.

November, 2001
Koncrete Kids
After you see the latest adventures of our lovable urban crew, you'll never look at marbles the same way.
Streetplay Rulesheets
We've added a new bunch of handy one page writeups describing the rules of some of your favorite street games.

October, 2001
Tribute to Steve Mercado
We honor Steve Mercado, one of the fire fighters lost in the World Trade Center tragedy. Steve was a true gentleman, a leader and the president of the Emperors Stickball League.

September, 2001
Philly Focus
Streetplay features the games of Philadelphia.
The 2001 Western Invitational Stickball Tournament
San Diego's third annual Labor Day tournament lives up to its east vs west hype.

August, 2001
2001 Stickball Classic
NYC's mayoral candidates compete in this year's Stickball Classic Kickoff.
USHA National One-Wall Championship
This year's USHA Championships combine great play with controversy.
Brooklyn's got Pétanque
Pétanque crowns Brooklyn's Bastille Day celebration.

July, 2001
The Stickball Hall of Fame Class of 2001
Angel Cordero and Arturo Lopez are among the seven stickball players inducted for 2001.
Streetplay at the Smithsonian Festival
The Smithsonian Institution asked us to introduce America to our favorite games at its annual festival in Washington, DC. Read how it went!
Handball Season in Full Force
It's been a great year for handball, lots of intense tournaments and some big upsets. See our coverage of the action

June, 2001
Streetplay Rulesheets
Single page descriptions of games meant to be printed. Ideal for your local street or schoolyard.
Book Review - The Games We Played
Celebrities ranging from Bill Clinton to Rob Reiner reminisce about their childhood games in Steven Cohen's delightful new book "The Games We Played."
Gallery - Urban Skateboarding
We welcome photographer Tom Callan as he captures the essence of urban skateboarding.
New Streetplay Contest - About Dad
Tell us your favorite story about your pop. If we like yours the best, you get $50, and so does your favorite charity.

May, 2001
Bronx Memorial Day Stickball Tournament
The NY Emperors Stickball League hosts the season's first major tournament.

April, 2001
Handball Season Begins
Springtime is here and the games have begun. The Kaiser Park tournament lets some of the top players get in gear.
Photos Section Update
Perhaps the site's most popular feature is our collection of photos. That's why we've overhauled our photo sections, improved navigation, added some great shots and included more information about each picture.
We've always had a lot of stories on Streetplay, but finding them all hasn't been easy. We've organized over 50 stories and made moving among all the sections much easier.

February, 2001
Streetplay in Smithsonian Institute exhibition
This summer, the Smithsonian Institute's Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage will feature NYC. Streetplay will be there, demonstrating the neighborhood games.
Spotlight on Christine as she remembers passing the days playing kickball and other games with her friends and family.

January, 2001
From high Commissioner to Mr. President
Our new president admits that stickball had a major influence on his political development (no kidding).
Stickball Section Update
New look, expanded links.
2001 Handball Schedule
Major upcoming events.

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