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The 2002 Labor Day Tournament
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Labor Day Tournament
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Deltona Rockets take 2002 Labor Day Tournament

<font size=-1>The Deltona Rockets, went the distance in the 2002 Labor Day tournament Click for bigger picture
The Deltona Rockets, went the distance in the 2002 Labor Day tournament.
The Florida Kings hosted this year's Labor Day Stickball Tournament, which drew sixteen teams from across the nation. After several tough games played under the blistering summer sun, the Deltona Rockets edged out the New York Emperors 1-0 and emerged as the unexpected champions.

Neither the Emperors nor the Rockets had been picked by fans or players to go the distance. Both teams barely managed to qualify for Monday's elimination round after the initial weekend competition. Teams considered the favorites such as the Youngbloods, who hadn't lost a game throughout the tournament, the Gold, champions of last year's Labor Day tournament and the Bad Knights, a combination of the San Diego Knights and NY's Bad Boys came in on top of the initial pack. However, once again proving that stickball is a game of surprises and momentum, each of the early leaders fell in the elimination round.

The final win came about due to the Rockets' stubborn defense and aggressive base running. In the top of the fifth, with a runner on second, a soft hit was put in play that looked like the final out. When it was bobbled, the Rockets player on second went into overdrive and dashed for home. Pure hustle brought in the only run and earned Deltona Florida this year's championship.

Loads of heat and action in this year's Labor Day Tournament

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