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Streetplay covers the Stickball Hall of Fame

Stickball leagues, tournaments and schedules

The Gold have emerged as the top team in recent tournaments Click for bigger picture
The Gold, winners of the 2002 & 2003 Stickball Classic have been a top team in recent tournaments

Special Events

Major stickball events for 2005 include:
  • Emperors Memorial Day Tournament
    Dates: May 28th - 30th
    Location: Stickball Blvd. Bronx NY

  • Stickball Hall of Fame Induction
    Dates: July 8th
    Location: Museum of the City of NY
    Contact Carlos Diaz 212-831-4486

  • Old Timers Stickball Reunion
    Dates: July 10th
    Location: 111th street 5th Ave
    Morning start - call 212-289-0179 for more information

  • Stickball Classic - NYC 5 Boros
    Dates: Various Dates - July & Aug
    Will soon be announced

  • World Series of Stickball Tournament - Labor Day Weekend
    Dates: Sep 3 - 5
    Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
  • Contact Ruben Garcia 787-887-4526 or 787-672-0330

Stickball Leagues

New York City

  • Major Stick-Ball League (MSBL): Fast-pitch stickball league in the Metrpolitan NY area. Three seasons per year, each 6 weeks long followed by playoff. See our article on the MSBL to get contact information and more details.

  • The East Harlem Stickball League: Combination of different stickball styles - some "pitching in," other games "self hitting." Regular season games and special competitions are played from April through October. Contact Moe Marrero at 212-289-0179 for more information.

  • The NY Emperors Stickball League: "Self hitting" or "fungo" style. Regular season games and special competitions are played from April through October. For more information, go to the NY Emperors website.

Winter Ball
During the winter, a weekly choose-up stickball game is held from 9:30 - 12:30 at 189th & Bathgate in the Bronx. This is down the block from Straus Auto Parts and across the street from Roosevelt HS and Mt. Carmel Grammar School. The games are held in weather above freezing as long as its not raining or snowing.

San Diego

San Diego's stickball enthusiasts usually get together about once a month, for "choose-up" competetions.

The "fields" are in front of Mark Twain Jr. High, which is hidden from view near the southwest corner of Mission Bay High School. There will be at BBQ at the same time (bring your own food for yourself or to share).


  • Interstate 5 northbound, exit at Grand/Garnet.
  • Turn left at first traffic signal light (it's a 2 lane left turn pocket).
  • Go about 1/2 mile down the road (Grand Avenue). Mission Bay High School will be on your left.
  • Turn left into the street on the west side of the School. This is Lee Street. If you reach the traffic signal light, you have gone too far.
  • Follow the street until it ends. We play where the street ends, on the street in front of the buildings of Mark Twain Jr. High. If the chainlink gate across the street at the Junior High is closed, park and walk on in. There's a pedestrian opening at the left side of the gate.

Questions about San Diego Stickball should go to Jim at

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