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Like father, like son

Quinones Senior and Junior
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Quinones Senior and Junior
When it comes to Angel Quinones Sr and Jr., that adage applies to their love of sports and interest in being positive role models.

Both attended the recent Jersey City Stickball Tournament sponsored by Budweiser, but as teammates, they go way back. This dynamic duo has been playing together since Angel Jr. was 11. According to the elder slugger, "Angel was the youngest member of the team, but he always had talent. Now he's working towards a professional career in sports."

Father and son were members of several New York teams including the Arawaks and the Hornets, both league champions in the Bronx Emperors Stickball League. Now they play for the East Harlem Stickball League's top team, the Manhattan Bad Boys. The Bad Boys have won the Jersey City event the last two years and were co-winners of this year's competition.

In addition to Angel Jr.'s regular 9-5 job, he is a member of the Nike StreetTeam. "We tour around the 5 boroughs doing different sports programs. This year we were involved in stickball, and supporting the Women's World Cup. Now we're getting involved in basketball."

Angel Jr. continued, "I like the team because it allows me to get exposure to all sports and also lets me interact with youngsters and play a positive role model. We don't want kids just hanging around in the street. If there outside in the street--they should be playing ball, not getting into trouble." That's the kind of attitude Angel Sr., a detective with the NYPD, can really appreciate.

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