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Hanging Out
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Pink Balls

This is a spaldeen.
Common, ubiquitous, taken for granted yet essential, the pink rubber ball was the linchpin of it all. Hollow, soft, non toxic, gentle and forgiving. Yes, sometimes a thin piece of glass might be shattered, but many a city window was spared because it was hit with soft rubber instead of a hardball. You could play catch without a glove, and even younger kids could work up a decent curve when pitching. They cost about 15¢ and could last a while before they lost their bounce and were officially pronounced "dead."

But balls seldom lived their natural lifespan. Sometimes they'd split in half, usually they'd get lost or just disappear. It was a natural cycle of life, accepted and understood by all; and though you might silently mourn the loss of a favorite ball, new balls were easy to get and more fun to use.

What's better, spaldeen or Pensie Pinkie? Let us know in our discussion area!

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