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Over the fence

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Over the fence and you chase it!
So which was better, the playground workhorse spaldeen, or the irrepressible Pensie Pinkie? We usually went for the spaldeen due to its versatility and lower cost. Pensie Pinkies were fun, but they were more expensive, and that extra bounce made them easier to lose. Cost and longevity were the deciding factors for us younger kids.

Still, I remember one summer day watching the teenagers by the handball court at the park. A bunch of guys with their girlfriends, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and playing stickball. They were hitting some shots so far, I couldn't believe it, but they wouldn't even bother chasing down the ball after it was knocked out of the park. A whole bucket of Pensie Pinkies was sitting by the side of the court and whenever someone whacked a monster shot, he'd just reach in and pull out another ball. I must of spent an hour just leaning against the fence and watching those guys, they were so cool; so for knocking balls out of the park and impressing girls, Pensie Pinkies were best.

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