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Laughter is the best medicine
Laughter is a core value at Streetplay. While a lot of our content is pedagogic, nostalgic, or journalistic, we know that when $5 words like that start flying, it's time for a good chuckle, even if it's at our own expense. We hope this stuff puts a smile on your face!

The Koncrete Kids
Click for comic strip

Busted again!
Roger Ebert calls the Streetplay-exclusive comic strip The Koncrete Kids, "a riveting depiction of the real-life drama of kids on the edge, and the salvific quality of urban games in their life." Actually, we have no clue if Roger has ever done anything but eat a lot of popcorn and Milk Duds, but we're sure you'll give the Kids your personal thumbs-up.

Be sure to fly on over to the latest installment; the kids have entered a kite-flying contest and have a sure-fire way to win (and, on a related note, don't miss our kite section).

Spreadsheet chart
Click for financial statement

It's all about losing the Benjamins.
Do we obsess over money? Maybe... but only because we're so comically bad when it comes to finances. You can tell just by reading our most recent financial statement, our business plan, and our ultimate apologia, the Top 10 reasons Streetplay didn't lose millions 1999.

Hot peas and butter
Click for gallery

Some good sadistic fun: Hot peas and butter
Ever hitch a ride on the bus by hanging onto the back of it? Of course you didn't, but you saw kids who did. This exhibit in the Streetplay Gallery, Extreme Streetplay, depicts in cartoon detail just what you don't want your own kids to do.

Bush playing marbles
Click for story

George W. Bush confers with his policy staff
Did you know that the 2000 presidential primaries were decided not by debates and issues, but by a sporting event sponsored by Streetplay? Well... maybe in our dreams, but we still wrote about in in the Streetplay Presidential Pentathlon 2000. As Mr. Bush himself might say, "Nothing subliminable here!"

In McGrunt we trust
Click for gallery

Streetplay money. Don't leave home without it.
Extreme Streetplay introduced you to McGrunt, the Streetplay safety dog. Our Streetplay Money gallery exhibit exalts him as our founding father. Check out all the denominations: $7, $23, $52, and $86. The laughs are free as you print as much as you want and try to pass it off as the real deal.

Click for contests

The cash is good, and the winners' stories are a riot.
Streetplay's operating budget is pretty much shot after staffers get paid in pizza, beer, and Streetplay money (see above). That makes the prizes in our Streetplay Contests modest in comparison to the Publishers Clearing House. But we have something over those guys: our winners write great stories! Go to our contest home and read the contest winners' stories. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to enter a contest yourself!

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