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Let's go fly one

Kites flying on roof
Click for bigger picture
Flying a kite on the roof gives you a head start.
Fashion a simple kite with paper, sticks and string, take it outside and catch the wind. Like a dream it floats and dips as it rises from the earth to enter the sky. Hold on, don't let it fly away.

Kites have been used in battle, religious festivals and meteorological experiments, but at its core, kite flying is an activity of simple wonder and fascination; a direct way for people to participate in the magic of flight. It is the most universal form of play we can point to that is enjoyed by children and adults throughout the world.

East Asian nations have a rich tradition with these flying delights as kites were invented in China 3,000 years ago and then spread throughout the region. In fact, one of the first types of festivities seen in Afghanistan after liberation from the Taliban was the resumption of kite fighting, perhaps that nation's most popular sport. Europeans were introduced to kites in 13th century when Marco Polo brought them back from China along with many of the other wonders of the Orient. With the probable exception of Antarctica, there are now kite flying groups and festivals on every continent.

Streetplay's kite section should be of interest to kite enthusiasts but is especially designed for those who might not have had the opportunity to enjoy this activity for awhile. Hopefully we've put together enough material to peak your interest, liberate your spirit and get you out to catch a good breeze at your nearest park.


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