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Sites we like
Streetplay appreciates the rich traditions of games and play found in all cultures througout the world. Our site has a special focus on the the urban environment and we are dedicated to preserving and promoting the myriad of children's activities that arose from this experience. We believe both structured and unstructured play is an important component for the healthy development of children and support the continuation of existing forms of play as well as the development of new ones. We appreciate adults who continue to participate in "traditional," non-commercial games and who pass them on by teaching the next generation. The following list of sites are related to these themes.

Play Around the World

  • The Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, is a public institution dedicated to the archiving, collection, preservation, and exhibition of games and game-related objects. It's the next best thing to visiting the Great White North.

  • Children's Folklore Project is a fascinating multicultural and multilingual anthology in which children and teachers from 108 schools in 61 countries participated in a project to describe traditional games of their culture. Included are their rhymes and customs as well.

  • Children's Folk Games is a Romanian based multilingual site of children's games around the world. The authors were key participants in the Children's Folklore Project mentioned above.

  • Topics, an online magazine devoted to helping people learn English, did a special section entitled "Games we Played," which featured traditional children's games from around the world.

  • The Ysgol Llanddulas Playground Games Directory is the work of a small school in Wales which has gained a reputation for testing and evaluating children's games from around the world shows its work.

  • features interesting material about "games without a plug" that are played in the U.K.

  • is a collection of the rules and descriptions for hundreds of children's games and rhymes. The site is a strong resource with simple rules and some regional variations.


  • Ring Around the Rosie FAQ explains everything you'd want to know about one of the most popular and well known of all childhood rhymes. Here's a preview: the FAQ's author debunks the notion of the bubonic plague being the rhyme's inspiration.

  • Hopscotch history and marbles history (MS-Word document) are both explained on the personal website of David P. Salley, a self-proclaimed "member of the Society for Creative Anachronism."

Specific Games

  •, a non-profit corporation primarily funded through marble sales. Site includes rules and marbles products

  • Land of Marbles contains rules, information about how marbles are made, poems, stories and a lot more. Great resource for collectors and enthusiasts.

  • Bert Cohen's Marvelous Marbles is the site of one of the true marble enthusiasts. Bert has been a tremendous advocate of the game and recently helped get the new Guinness World Record for most people playing marbles in one place.


  • Forgotten NY focuses on the physical changes that have occurred in NYC over the years. This is an interesting site for people studying children's activities as so much of children's play relates to the physical environment.

  • Retroland is a site of nostalgic themes related to pop culture

  • Rochdale Village - The Virtual Community Center and home of Streetplay founder Mick Greene (don't miss the Wikipedia article, either).

  • Flatbush Escapees Page - Great page for Brooklyn Based Sites.

  • The Pelham Parkway Times

  • - Bev Kahler, child of the 1950s, provides a Bronx/doo-wop flavored slice of nostalgia

Friends of Streetplay (shameless self-promotion)

These are the sites of "friends of Streetplay" (FOS) from real life or through the web. Please let us know if you know of a site you think should be included.
  • Brick by Brick - Streetplay founder Michael "Mick" Greene takes on a new role with his latest project: promoting world peace by educating children about global issues and demonstrating that their actions can make a difference in helping our society create effective and long-term solutions. You can now find news about BbB on the Brick by Brick Facebook page.

  • Michael Greene has also started in private practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and therapist. Visit for more information about the way he can help you; he has office hours in Great Neck, NY, Little Neck NY, and Fairfield, NJ. It's not bad to get some help if you need it.

  • kTherapy with Katherine Allen, LMFT ( - Katherine Allen has started a new individual/couple/family therapy practice serving Hanover, NH and the surrounding Upper Valley region. Again, it's not bad to get some help if you need it. She also offers a new form of therapy called Brainspotting [more]--you can find out more about at her companion site, Brainspotting with Katherine.

  • Therapeutic Options - While on the theme of therapy and counseling, Mark Pesner, one of the originators of Streetplay has been practicing out in Fairfield NJ for quite some time. The practice is comprehensive and includes individual and family therapy, neurofeedback, speech and language work as well as providing opportunities for kids of all ages to participate in social skills development groups.

  • Yarmouth Materials - If you're in the market for high purity yttrium oxide, aluminum oxide, rare-earths and other specialty materials such as spray dried yttrias, Verneuil sapphire, or yttrium oxide granules (and who isn't?), Michael Shea's business in Danbury, CT is just the ticket!

  • Streetplay producer Hugh McNally gets his own web freak on with a collection of meaningless sites listed here to appease the Google gods: 3thumb, Da Sports Show (now in its 22nd year!), and Shaft Sounds (damn right).

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