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Financial Reporting

With corporate scandals regularly reported, Streetplay feels it is critical to maintain its commitment to full disclosure and transparency in its financial reporting. Our books are straightforward, albeit sparse. The bottom line is that we still haven't seen any real money, even though we're more than five years into this endeavor.

True we sometimes get paid for coordinating or participating in an event and have worked with a number of top quality institutions. Our store does bring in some petty cash through affiliate commissions, but this barely pays for the site's hosting costs. We must admit we're still working on coming up with a viable financial approach.

However, we have used our financial situation as a source for some noteworthy comic relief. Take a look at how this small but fun loving operation has reflected the vagaries of the Internet boom, bust and resurgence.

  • Financial Announcement April 1, 1999 - A bold financial plan
  • Financial Report 2000 - Why we didn't lose millions
  • Financial Report 2001 - Streetplay Store's virtual expansion
  • Financial Report 2002/03 - Maintaining the course
  • Streetplay Money - Boxes of green stuff
  • Financial Charts - Projections and realities collide
  • Top Ten Reasons - Excuses why we didn't lose as much as other Internet companies

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