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2002 & 2003 Financial Report
Consistency and vision are what people look for in a company. And this is exactly what Streetplay is all about. From the start we've realized that Streetplay never had a prayer to make any real money--and we fulfill that vision with clockwork regularity.

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The Streetplay money making machine. Any thoughts on using this stuff?

Let's restate our background. Streetplay made an auspicious debut in the spring of 1999, within several weeks becoming a Yahoo! "pick of the week" (click here to see it). Internet stocks were flying high and, while we had no clue how to make money, everyone else expected us to cash in.

We've tried a few financial strategies, from trying to lose millions like the big boys during the Internet boom to printing our own cash as things got tight (see sample at right). While pundits admired our creativity and unique approach, no one stepped forth to hand us a gym bag filled with twenties... or even an IOU.

The more faint-hearted or clear-headed might have been discouraged by these results. However, we persevere. Our virtual store provides a fresh sale every week or two. With links to Amazon and other sites, each transaction brings us a small commission. It hasn't made us rich, but has helped pay for the hosting service, tools used to manage the site and even one of our legendary pizza and beer parties!

While we have no illusions of profitability, we remain flexible toward its prospect. We will continue to explore creative, intriguing, and even hopeless approaches in this regard--the more Pyrrhic, the better. But please remember:

  • If you give us money, we might keep it
  • If you give us a check, we might cash it
  • If you have a suggestion, we might take it

    To all our readers, we appreciate the continued support and hope the site continues to be a worthwhile oasis on your Internet travels.

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