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We'd like to thank everybody!

In developing the website we've had the opportunity to interact with a number of interesting writers, photographers, curators and others involved with play, kids and urban environments. We want to thank these people for their support and highlight some of the work they've done.

PhotographersAuthors & BooksMuseums & Resource CentersCompanies


  • Beryl Goldberg
    Beryl Goldberg is a professional photographer living in NYC. For over 20 years, Beryl has photographed extensively in NYC and in many other places throughout the world. She describes her work as "interesting photographs of people in all their wonderful variety." Beryl may be contacted by calling her at 212-222-8215, or faxed at 212-222-4392. Please visit Beryl's photos displayed on this site.
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Authors and Books

Some great books have been written about urban play and the games described on this site. Unfortunately, many of these books are either difficult to find or no longer in print. Please see the following descriptions and acknowledgements:
  • City Play
    By Amanda Dagan and Steven Zeitlin
    Rutgers University Press - New Brunswick © 1990

    A classic on the role of play in our urban culture. Drawing on a wide variety of written and oral historical information the authors explore the nature of play and the impact of the urban environment upon children's activity. Focusing on NYC, the authors reveal how environmental features (streets, walls, stoops, rivers, etc), socio-economic forces, gender roles, ethnicity and other factors influence play, children's world view and culture. The text is both insightful and quite readable. You can choose to concentrate on the sociological perspective, memories from scores of "the natives" or the wealth of classic photos that capture the range of playful activities.

    The authors have graciously allowed us to excerpt the book here: please take a look at our feature, City Play, the virtual coffee-table book!

    This book is still available - and a must read for anyone at all interested in this subject. For further information contact City Lore at 212-529-1955

  • Games in the Street
    By Rachel Gallagher Illustrated with photographs by Jaydie Puttterman
    Published by Four Winds Press - New York c. 1976

    The text covers a lot, including how to build scooters, play a wide range of ball games, engage in about 15 kinds of tag or just choose one of an endless selection whimsical activities for summer and winter fun. Easy to read, with a comfortable mix of good photos and clear illustrations.

  • The Great American Book of Street Games
    By Fred Feretti
    Published by Workman Publishing Company - New York, 1975.

    Probably the most authoritative work on the urban games described in this site. Includes discussions on nuances and the alternative names and rules for the games depending on different neighborhoods. Similarly as in this website, games are broken down by environment (Sidewalks, Stoops, Dirt, Curbs, Alleys). Text brings back memories past eras, intermixed with clear rules, diagrams and photos.

  • Hanging Out
    By James Wagenvoord
    Published by J.B. Lippincott Company - Philadelphia, 1974.

    An wonderful essay and pictography of games and play in various inner city neighborhoods. This book is really a work of art. The photos are absolutely magnificent, capturing the essence of the urban play experience. Unfortunately this book is out of print. We haven't even been able to track down the author. James, if you're out there, please contact us.

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Museums and Resource Centers

The following organizations have been a resource for us in developing this site.
  • City Lore, located 2nd Ave. Organization dedicated to the study and understanding of urban culture. Contact Steve Zeitlin or Amanda Dargan at 212-529-1955.
  • The New York City Police Athletic League A group often overlooked, that has been an important resource for urban kids throughout this century. Main office located on 13 1/2 E 12th Street NY 10003 212-477-9450. Thanks to Fran Gilstein for photo access.
  • New York City Department of Parks & Recreation The NYC Parks Department has a large collection of photographs of many of the events it has sponsored over the years. Thanks to Donald Glassman, for assistance in searching through the material for photos that were relevant to this site.
  • Brooklyn Public Library Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn NY 11238. The library has the collection of photos from the no longer existent Brooklyn Eagle and Mirror. Thanks to Judith Walsh & Julie Moffat in the Brooklyn Collection.

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The following businesses have helped us develop site.

  • Thanks to Good Humor and Breyers. Also thanks to Lisa Piasecki of McDowell and Piasecki Chicago Illinois for the photos.

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