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Welcome! When we started the Streetplay Store in 1999, we hand-selected items from many vendors and worked with many affiliate programs in order to try to bring you some fun items, and maybe make some money on the side to buy pizza and Spaldeens. We also worked with CafePress to bring you Streetplay branded gear: while that never away, it often got lost on our site. Over the years, all this became nearly impossible to keep up with, at least in the way we were doing it. So, in an effort to make this section of the site easier to understand, we've simplified it. You now have two main options:

Buy from Amazon

We were among the first bunch of small web sites to do the "affiliate program" thing, now you see it all the time. Just so you know: if you click on this link to go to Amazon, we get money from them for the referral if you end up buying something during your visit.


Buy from CafePress

We have had stuff on CafePress for some time, and for our Twentieth Anniversary, we've added even more. Visit the Street Gear store on CafePress to buy t-shirts, caps, mugs, and more. When you do, we'll get some money. It's that simple.

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