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Kite Resources

Kites at Smithsonian Kite Festival
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Smithsonian Kite Festival

We've done a bit of research to bring together some of the best links about kites and the different forms of kite flying


  • Five People who Flew Kites and Changed History - Ben Franklin, the Wright Brothers and several other famous people who used kites to advance science and technology.
  • History of Kites - Excellent history on the subject compiled by the Australian Kite Association, with clear explanations of flying dynamics and different types of kites. Good, clear graphics.
  • Brief History of Kite Flying - Brief historical overview with some interesting old photos put together by Gomberg Kites.
  • Kite Timeline - Major milestones and events in the history of kite flying.
  • Names of Kites from Around the World - Want to get a sense of kiting's international appeal? Check out the native names in most of the world's languages. Learn how to get by and ask for a kite anywhere on the planet.


  • Kites as an Educational Tool - Gomberg Kites has a full page of links with all the resources you'd need. It contains tips for beginners including issues of safety, what conditions to look for, how to control the kite in the air, etc. See their ideas for classrooms, lessons, indoor activities such as drawing, crossword puzzles and lots more
  • Kites in the Classroom - Educational rationale for using kites in the classroom put together by the Ausralian Kite Association. Includes plans for building kites, theory behind the lessons , etc.
  • Education World's Lesson Planning Center's Resource For Kites - Good instructions for teachers on integrating lessons about kites into a wide variety of subjects and levels. Lots of useful links as well.
  • 20 kids 20 kites 20 minutes - Time tested instructions for a quick way to get kids involved in making and flying their own kites.
  • Build Your Own Kite - Simple plans for a diamond type of kite.
  • Build Your Own Kite - Plans for very simple kite good for light winds.
  • The Kite Zoo - Colorful site with loads of basic kite information - for a simple overview, click onn the guided tour button and borowse a few of the pages.


  • Gomberg Kites - The most complete kite site we've seen on the net. The place to start if you are looking to learn more or find good resources
  • Big City Kites - Kite store with great photos of kites in action and available to order on-line
  • Kite Fighting - The best site for kite fighting, an intersting sport that seems to have evolved independently in various locations. Watch out for that initial hit of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin when entering the site.

  • Air Flow and Flying Kites - A vendor of HVAC appliances in CA has, for some reason, assembled a very nice page with all sorts of links to all things kiting. Take a look the next time you're shopping for a space heater.

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