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Urban fishing

Sewer fishing
Click for bigger picture
The spaldeens are biting!
Going into the sewer was an art unto itself. For this form of urban fishing you required additional equipment (such as a clothes hanger, paper cup, tape and stick), patience, fine motor coordination and teamwork. You'd make your scoop and slowly, carefully try to fish out the dirty, scummy, smelly, slimy balls that had recently fallen into the abyss. If you had a short kid like Eddie "Stymie" Wolf you might be able to lower him down head first into the sewer where he could reach down and grab the prize.

Kids like Stymie had a special immunity to smells. Though usually only mediocre at sports, these daredevils proved their value to the gang through special skills and feats of courage, such as entering and emerging victoriously from that dark, dank underworld. Stymie was one of those multi-talented specialists who could also throw up on demand, another highly regarded trait.

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