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The finest & bravest square off in Johnny on the Pony

Johnny on the pony
Click for bigger picture
Johnny on the pony was also known as "Buck-Buck"
It was sometime around midnight on a winter eve back in the early 70s. I was waiting alone at a bus stop on Tremont Ave., coming home from my job, minding my business, when I hear shouts coming from the bar across the street. All of a sudden, the door flies open and a bunch of guys come piling out, cursing each other and acting to me like they're about to rumble. I'm figuring this is definitely not the right place to be and start looking around for the best route to take off.

Then I realize that these loudmouthed, foulmouthed, big burly guys were none other than some of New York's Bravest and Finest and that they've come out to settle a score once and for all; which force was better at Johnny on the Pony! For the next 20 minutes I watched in disbelief as these really big and somewhat intoxicated firemen and cops played the most intense game of Johnny on the Pony that I ever saw.

Some blood and several drinks were spilled and one guy took a shot that almost knocked him out, but aside from the intensity and absurdity of it all, they played it like you do as a kid. I don't know how it ended, cause my bus finally pulled up, but I'm sure if I could find any of the guys involved they'd either deny it happened or swear that their side won.

Note: This story was submitted by a friend who "loves those old games." Please share your Johnny on the Pony story with us!

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