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Jeanne's first kiss

Kissing action
Click for bigger picture
Birthday party madness!
At the age of thirteen I finally received my first kiss. This was a big accomplishment. Both myself and my friend Gracie would practice on our OWN hands... not knowing what to expect. We wanted to make sure we'd be well prepared for the big day.

My first kiss came from a boy known as Clem Cadiddlelhopper. He was very tall and thin which is why they called him this. His real name was Joey. He was my first crush. When no one my age had a bicycle, he did. And he let me ride it around the rink in the park. This was his way of showing me that he thought I was swell too.

My sister was having a party for her son's third birthday and had invited all my friends to this party. Well, we managed to turn this party to the 'spin the bottle' game. I'm sure it was carefully manipulated to stop at the two of us. Everyone knew we 'liked' each other. It was just a peck on the lips, not much by today's standards... but at least I could say now that I had been kissed.

Jeanne & another first kiss?
Reminisce about your own experience in our first kiss discussion area. (Please remember: this is a PG-rated site.)

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