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My Junk Drawer
by Jeanne

It's in here somewhere!
When I was little kid growing up on the lower east side, we didn't have very much, but I didn't know any better. So I made my own fun with what we had. Toys were scarce, so I occupied my time playing with the stuff in my Junk Drawer. We had a porcelain top table with four drawers on the underside of it. We used two of them for utensils. And two of them were mine to put whatever, I wanted it in. And filled to the brim, it was.

In my junk drawer, I had rolls of color string, bottle tops when soda came in a bottle, and they were filled with orange peels that I used to play Skill-zees with. Broken chalk and crayons were plentiful in there. Shiny buttons, safety pins and clothespins were a favorite of mine. I would tie a string from one chair to the other and then make believe it was the post office. I would write a letter and then pin my papers to the string. Looking back we were really inventive on the games we played.

I did have reason to meet with an old friend this past year, and one of the first things she remembered was "my junk drawer." She said she was envious of it. I had never given this as second thought. Why would anyone be envious of a bunch of junk?

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