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Equipment: bats and balls
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Streetplay covers the Stickball Hall of Fame

Do you have what it takes?

Balls and a stickball bat Click for bigger picture
The basics, bats and balls.
Hey, it doesn't take much, but even to play the games featured on this site, you might need some equipment. If you have a question of where to find something or if you have some equipment you want to let people know about, please drop us a line.


  • West Coast Style: The Williville, a new kind of stickball bat
  • Great hand made bats, traditional style
  • Balls

    Every couple of months, we get a note from someone asking if we have any information about where they might be able to get a Pimple Ball. Well it looks like our friends in Philly have decided to get the ball rolling. Marc Polish and his associates have just found the original molds, and are having samples made.

    Marc and his crew can use your help. The original pimple balls were white. They would like to know what people think about making the modern day version in colors. Please let Marc know by contacting him at

    Note to those who wonder what a pimple ball is:
    Pimple Balls were used in Philadelphia, Boston, and other Northeastern cities for wallball, handball, boxball, points, wireball, stickball, and Hit the Penny among other games. If they were severly exposed to the elements (down a sewer or over the roof) they usually did not bounce as well so they were cut into halfballs. And if you had the dough, you might even cut up a new pimpleball for a game of halfball.

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