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Streetplay covers the Stickball Hall of Fame

Celebrity Stickball
A number of well known Americans have fondly reflected on their stickball experiences:

President George W. Bush: My political talents first blossomed when I organized a stickball league and appointed myself high commissioner.
Willie Mays (baseball legend): That's how I learned to hit the breaking ball. Guys would bounce the ball to you, and you'd have to hit it, and sometimes it would bounce this way, sometimes that way.
Joe Viterelli (actor specializing in mobster roles): We played stickball in the street. The door of a Ford might be first base, the sewer second, and the tire of the Kaiser Fraser was third. We'd often put some money on the game, to make it more interesting.
Lenny Wilkens (Basketball Hall of Fame player and coach): "In college we'd play two kinds of stickball; we'd use a spaldeen for games with pitching on a bounce and we'd use a tennis ball for fast pitch, where we'd draw a box and pitch against the wall. We'd play all day, I guess it reminded us of home."
Arturo Lopez (1960s baseball player): In Puerto Rico, we didn’t have a ball most of the time, so we used other materials. Sometimes we’d play with a bottle cap which would make all kinds of crazy spins.
Stephen Jay Gould (paleontologist, author, NY Yankee fan): I spent more time playing stickball in the street than I ever did reading when I was a kid.

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