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December, 2000

2000 Four-Wall National Juniors
Midwest storms don't chill a great performance by young handball players.
Handball Section Update
New look, expanded video, photos and links. Lead story about handball's reigning queen, Priscilla Shumate.
October/November 2000
World Handball Championships
Handball players from around the world came to Chicago to determine the best in the game.
Youngbloods take Stickball's 2000 Grand Finale
The Youngbloods take the final Stickball tournament of 2000 and are featured on Fox Sports Network's "Goin Deep."
Tight competitions mark the Caribbean Softball Association's final rounds.
Streetplay Cineplex Video!
Throw some popcorn in the microwave and grab a jumbo-sized soda. Our newest section shows you the street games in motion right on your computer!
Streetplay Gallery: Kids with Wheels
The Razor scooter may be today's flavor, but kids have been playing with the wheel since they invented it. This exhibit features photos by Martha Cooper of kids around the world playing with wheels.
Streetplay Humor
You may have noticed that we don't always take things seriously. We've rounded up evidence on the site to support this statement and lumped it all together in our new humor section. Browse and be merry!
Help Wanted
Streetplay is a site built by a small staff paid mainly in beer and pizza who share a passion for street games and technology. If you're like-minded, let us know; we need help!

September 2000

Stickball Classic
It's another battle between the boroughs as the Stickball Classic rolls on.
Bocce Tournament
Want to take a break from the Olympic pace? Settle back and learn about a more patient sport.
Handball Coverage
Major tournament action including SAHA and OOHA B tournaments. ICHA holds Junior Big Blue Championship.
Streetplay Contests
Streetplay's 50/50 contest for the month of September recalls memories of the first day of school.

August, 2000

Handball enthusiasts enjoy a great season of tough competitions in major events including the USHA Nationals, SAHA King of the Courts and more.
Jumping for Joy
The Double Dutch Divas show their stuff at Summer Stage Event.
Stickball Block Party
East 111th Street boasts the biggest block party of the year, opening up with the Old Timer's Stickball event.

July, 2000

World Series of Stickball
Stickball, music, recognition of young and old and some controversy are packed into this years July 4th weekend.
Big Blue Championship
Top players show up to compete in biggest one-wall event in 20 years.

June, 2000

Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival
What do actor Joe Viterelli, basketball great Lenny Wilkens, and fitness guru Lucille Roberts have in common? Hint: it's not a hometown in Iowa.
Memory Contests
Two contests this month; what is your earliest memory and what was your most memorable summer vacation?
Streetplay Comix
We're proud to feature the first edition of our new comic series, the "Koncrete Kids"

May, 2000

NY Emperors Memorial Day Stickball Tournament
The New York Emperors 15th annual Memorial Day Stickball Event features tough games and great play. See full coverage and pictures.
Streetplay virtual postcards
Whenever people talk to us about the site, they comment about our great photos. So we've put some of the best into our new virtual postcard collection. Send one to a friend, give them a smile!
Food Fight!
Our newest contest asks you to recall memories of food as a kid. Anything goes, from weird combinations, to favorite places to eat, to summer barbecues to the good old food fight. The best story gets the author $50 (plus $50 donated to the children's charity of his/her choice):
Mayor’s Cup Junior Handball Competition
One-wall handball’s next generation show what they’re made of at the Mayor’s Cup Junior Handball Competition. Learn about the games and the upcoming stars:
Streetplay Money
People are always telling us to make some money. We took them literally. See our new denominations and recent attempts to cash in.
Book Reviews
Sometimes, even the Streetplay staff reads about street play! Here's our reviews of two books: Sewer Balls (a novel), and The Pinky Ball Book (a how-to book which includes a ball).
Stickball Hall of Fame - The Bronx
The Bronx Bombers aren't confined to Yankee Stadium. In anticipation of the Memorial Day Stickball Event to be held in the Bronx, we profile some of the borough's great Hall of Fame players.
Skully on campus
As far as street games go, skully is a natural for the computer environment. See what an NYU grad student has done with it:

April, 2000

The New York Women's Sports League
In its 25 years the league has grown from a unique and colorful experiment to one of NYC's amateur sports traditions.
Cool Sites
It was a great night at Webster Hall in NYC on 4/27/2000 at this year's Cool Site of the Year Awards. took the prize, and we had a great time with their crew. Event photos posted.
Chapman Takes NYAC Pro Stop
Recent handball coverage about Dave Chapman (St. Louis) who came to the "Big Apple" to take this leg of the Simple Green/USHA pro tour.
Giving away money!
Hey, we've been online for a year! We started out planning to lose millions of dollars, just like the big boys in e-commerce. We've decided to take a different angle and print our own money! Check out our business plan and download some Streetplay dollars right now:
This Month's Contests
Take a breather from your 1040 and recall how your concept of money has changed since you were a kid. The best story gets the author $50 (plus $50 donated to the children's charity of his/her choice):
This Month's Game - Jacks
Jacks, an ancient game of fun and dexterity, is highlighted in April's game of the month.
Extreme Street Play
Our newest gallery documents "extreme streetplay" in cartoon form--things so dangerous that we had to enlist the services of McGrunt the safety dog to tell kids out there not to try it themselves!
Rising Stars - Eddie Kwak
This month we feature the latest terror of the New York City handball scene, 18-year-old Elmhurst-born Eddie Kwak. Learn what makes Eddie tick:
Up on the Roof
This month's City Play feature shows classic urban activities like pigeon-keeping and rooftop tag.
Old-Time Photos
We added a bunch of great pictures to the Stickball Hall of Fame Section

March, 2000

This Month's Contests
Our first contest was such a success that we've decided to run some more. Share your memories about "Your best prank" (for April Fool's) or "Opening Day best story." If you win, you'll get $50, and we'll donate $50 to the children's charity of your choice.
This Month's Game - Jumprope
Strawberry shortcake, cream on top / Tell me the name of your sweetheart. Jump in for this month's game
Go Fly a Kite
March is a great month to fly kites. We show you kids from all over the world doing just that in our newest gallery.
El Barrio
East Harlem has long been a vibrant Hispanic community known for its influence on Latin music and dance, but it remains "stickball territory," the home of some of the game's best players and teams.

February, 2000

The Presidential Pentathlon
Tired of presidential politics? We put a twisted spin on the election in this feature where the candidates play in the street, not the gutter.
Contest: Your First Kiss
You could probably use a little cash to take your sweetie out to dinner on Valentine's day. Tell us the story of your first kiss and we might help you out!
New Streetplay Gallery: Play around the world, Haiti
Our newest gallery, Play around the world, Haiti, is now open. See how Haitian kids get their game on!
City Play February installment: Living Dangerously
What happens when good clean fun goes bad? Come read our February installment from the book City Play, Living Dangerously.

January, 2000

Presenting the Stickball Hall of Fame
Sure, baseball has Cooperstown, but you'll never find a spaldeen in a trophy case there! Come meet the folks who've made stickball a true urban legend.
Come see the Rising Stars!
Streetplay profiles up-and-coming young athletes in this new section.
City Play: our virtual coffee table
Come read our new monthly feature, City Play, taken from a great book filled with pictures and memories of childhood in the city.
The Streetplay Galleries premiere, R.S.V.P.
Come see the work of the artists in this new section. We may play in the street, but it doesn't make us lowbrow!

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