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2000 World Series of Stickball
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Repo Men Win Stickball World Series

Teams gathered for 3 days of play
Click for bigger picture
Players and friends joined in the final shot
The Stickball World Series was finally decided. The final game came more than a month after the July 4th weekend's tournament in which 16 teams from stickball centers around the nation competed. In a summer filled with rainouts, the weather cleared long enough for two NY teams, the Repo Men and Youngbloods, to finally battle it out for the 2000 Stickball World Series Crown.

The Repo Men had the best record during the tournament, with 7 wins, no losses and 1 tie. They were therefore able to call the type of game that would be played in the finals. As a Manhattan based team and member of the East Harlem Stickball League, pitching in is the game the Repo Men play most often and so it was the style they chose. This put the Youngbloods at a disadvantage. As a Bronx based team and member of the NY Emperors Stickball League, the Youngbloods are far more familiar with the more modern style called "hitting by yourself." As the expression goes, they knew they'd have to beat the Repo Men at their own game.

The Youngbloods came close, but couldn't quite pull it off and the Repo Men came up with a 2-1 victory. The Repo Men were capitalized on opportunities both at bat and in the field and Hoss continued his strong pitching, slipping in subtle spins and junk pitches that frustrated his younger opponents.

What had been a shared honor due to the elements was now decided. Congratulations to the Repo Men, 2000 Stickball World Series Champs.

Repo Men
Repo Men
The Youngbloods
Carlos, Tito, Alex and Moe
Carlos and Mo congratulate team captains

Stories and More Photos

Team Photos
Team Photos
Controversy about Different Styles
The Controversies
Family Day
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