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2000 World Series of Stickball
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Stickball Hall of Fame

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Family Day helps pass on games and traditions

Learning the basics
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Kids got special instruction in stickball basics
For Richie Mojica and many of the other players, stickball is more than a game. It is also represents the community in which they grew up. It is for this reason that Richie talks so passionately about the need to pass the game on to the next generation.

Family Day provided Richie and his friend Jose Mandy Rodriguez (a member of the Stickball Hall of Fame) the opportunity to spend a solid chunk of time with a large group of kids interested in learning how to play. For the adults it was an exhilarating and exhausting experience. For the kids, it was a whole lot of fun.

As Richie said "We took several groups of kids through the basics; how to hold the bat and ball, how to catch and swing. After about an hour of various drills, we put them into two teams and organized a makeshift game. Everyone played the field and got a couple of chances to hit. You could see the improvement in their skills in just a few hours and even though it was a hot day, none of the kids wanted to leave, they just kept on playing."

The stickball clinic was the main feature of Family Day, which also included Streetplay's Classic Games and Handball Clinic. Handball champions Tracy Davis and Cesar Sala came to the park to teach kids fundamental handball skills and to take on the park players. Cesar, Tracy and Lori (our hopscotch Queen) also engaged participants in boxball, box baseball, jumprope, hulahoop, hopscotch and several other classic forms of streetplay.

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Up on 120th street
Photo from 120th St
GLearning the basics
Learning the basics
After the stickball clinic
After the stickball clinic
Jump rope action
The place is jumping
Handball fundamentals
Handball Clinic
Immediate improvement
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