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2000 World Series of Stickball
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Youngbloods and Repo Men Share Honors

Repo Men went undefeated
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The Repo Men emerged without a defeat
Sixty games of stickball were played in El Barrio this weekend. Sixty games, sixteen teams. Another dry hour would have allowed one unequivocal tournament winner, but instead two teams share the crown and for three full days, the neighborhood saw a lot of ball.

The Repo Men played tough throughout the tournament, compiling an unmatched 7-0-1 standing (ties were allowed in the open competition). They defeated the Tainos, a team from Puerto Rico 2-1 in 16 innings. This was quite a duel. Playing pitching in, the Repo Men's pitcher and Charlie Horse and Carlos Diaz of the Tainos held each other's team to a shutout for 15 innings straight. Finally in the 16th, the Tainos cracked the ice with a run, however in the bottom half of the inning, the Repo Men came back to score two and seize the victory.

The Youngbloods had also just completed an extra inning tough fought match. While not as grueling as the Repo men's game, the Youngbloods had to play 3 extra innings to take a 10 inning , 3-2 win over the other Puerto Rican entry, the Rookies. This game was played using the hitting by yourself rules. Earlier that day, they had won their first playoff match by defeating the Bad Boys 1-0 in a pitching in game. The Repo Men had taken the Bronx Emperors 4-2 also with Pitching in rules.

Given that the Repo Men had a better tournament record than the Youngbloods, they would have had the right to call the type of rules to play. The Repo Men's specialty is pitching in. They Youngbloods, known for their hitting by yourself play might have actually wanted to play by those rules anyway, just to prove test themselves and to prove how good they might be. Who knows how it would have turned out had the weather cooperated, but until a special one game event is scheduled or until the next World Series, the Repo Men and Youngbloods will have to share the crown.

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Youngbloods are finalists
Youngbloods are finalists
Tainos lose in 16 innings
Tainos lose in 16 innings
Rookies edged in 10
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