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The 2001 Stickball Classic
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Stickball Classic
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NYC's Bravest took the opening 2001 Stickball Classic longball competition.
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NYC's Bravest took the opening 2001 Stickball Classic longball competition.

The 2001 Classic

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Carol and Aina, representing the Daily News have coordinated this year's events.
This year's Stickball Classic got a late start and was further hampered by the rainout of the Bronx competition in early August. However, at this point, the final contestants have emerged and the September 15 wrap-up, which will include the Frantics, Youngbloods and other top teams, should be an interesting event.

The longball contests, held before the games, have been a "blast." Steve Mercado earned a place in the longball finals for his towering 315 foot shots at the Stickball Classic Kickoff as well as for winning the Bronx honors. Andre "Sammy Sosa" Liberato, took the Manhattan competition with a tremendous 323 foot shot, but in the Queens competition, Tito Rivera really set the mark by launching an increible 370 foot shot. These top players will go head to head on the final day to determine who is the City's top slugger.

The Stickball Classic has been close to an annual competition since it was initiated by the Daily News in 1993. This year's sponsors include the Daily News, WABC Talk Radio and Modell's Sporting Goods.

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