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The 2004 Stickball Classic
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NY Daily News Stickball Classic - Finals

The Brooklyn Knights were this year's champs in this citywide competition Click for bigger picture
The Brooklyn Knights were this year's champs in this citywide competition


Brooklyn Knights Take 2004 Stickball Classic

Avenging their surprise loss in last year's semi-finals, the Brooklyn Knights came on strong to defeat their adversaries, the Ozone Park Warriors, by the score 8-0.

The Warriors defeated the Manhattan Old Timers 14-8 in a wild semifinals game. The Warriors jumped to an early lead by taking advantage of the unique field on 41st Street between 8th and 9th Ave. Situated between the two sections of the Port Authority bus terminal, this "field" was thin, with mammoth walls giving it unique pinball style action. The best way to get a hit was to graze the walls and have the ball take crazy hops into the field. The Warriors scored most of their runs in the first game using this "trick."

However, as the day progressed, it seemed that the defense was able to adjust and more of those skimmers were caught. The Warriors also seemed flat in the finals game against their nemesis, the Brooklyn Knights. The Knights had defeated the Bronx Emperors 3-0 in their semi-final match and were determined to make up for last year's elimination by going all the way in this tournament. Everyone contributed for the Knights as they knocked out 9 runs to the Warriors 1. Credit also goes to the Knights defense as they kept their poise in the field and snuffed any potential rallies before they began.

Long ball contest

The Gold, NYC's top Stickball Team repeated 
            to win the Stickball Classic. Click for bigger picture
Mickey and Pito pose after their long ball face-off. Check out the dimensions of the field!


The top 8 contestants from this year's long ball competitions faced off to open the long ball final event. Each player had eight swings, of which the best was taken. Mickey Oliveri, always a long ball threat led the field with a tremendous 325 foot blast and seemed destined to win until Pito from the "Angels" hit his last shot which tied Mickey's.

A run-off was then held with each player getting 5 swings. Pito hit a blast that literally stunned the crowd, landing in the upper deck (alongside a bus) in road that links the two buildings. It probably would have gone 360 feet or more if unobstructed. Pito won hands down and Mickey, had to settle for the runner up prize.

Stickball Classic Banner
Click for bigger picture

Thanks to the Daily News
for its continued support of this legendary NYC street game.

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