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The 2002 Halfball Tournament
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Former Halfball Home Run Champs Jessica & Christine Mihal (and relatives of the writer). Click for bigger picture
Former Halfball Home Run Champs (and relatives of the writer) Jessica & Christine Mihal

Halfballs flying in "Southie"
Special to Streetplay from

Balls were flying at the first annual Mst Park Halfball Tournament Click for bigger picture
Balls were flying at the first annual Mst Park Halfball Tournament
The sun shone bright and sounds of wood hitting rubber were heard loud and clear again in "Southie" at the first annual Mst Park Halfball Tournament in South Boston. Ten teams from North Reading, Roslindale, Kingston, East Bridgewater and Halifax slugged it out on " Saturday Sept. 14 at the double elimination event.

Members of Skid Row, Murphy's Law, Sidewalk Cafe, OFD, and the Bombers, may not have played Halfball in 30 years, but many said it was like riding a bike. As one hit went further then the last, witnesses claim "Halfballs were competing with planes for airspace."

"I haven't played Halfball in 35 years." Said Eddie Rogers of the Rogers Club, before hitting a home run in his first at bat. Everybody had a story, from roofing one to being an urban fisherman and getting lowered into a sewer.

The father and sons team 3 Mac showed how Halfball can bridge generation gaps cheering each other on. Dad Mac had a windup like Luis Tiante with all the twists and turns. His sons Sean & Brian got a big kick out of him. But after the second round, the popular 3 Mac's and the Saints were eliminated.

The next group of teams to drop included CCC, Skid Row and the Sidewalk Cafe. The tournament came down to four teams, OFD, The Bombers, Rogers Club, and Murphy's Law. All teams had one loss except for OFD, who remained undefeated.

The Bombers beat Murphy's Law and OFD got by the Rogers Club in the semifinals. The Bombers one of the better hitting teams would then face OFD who had three players who could pitch. There was no score when Mark Geden and Doug Grant went back to back for a 2-0 lead going to the bottom of the 5th. The Bombers loaded the bases, but pitcher Joe Moran struck out the next 2 hitters to squash the rally. OFD would tack on 5 runs in the last inning for a 7-2 championship win.

Home runs were totaled after each game to see who would be crowned the Home Run King of the tournament. OFD's trio of Joe Moran, Mark Geden, and Doug Grant seemed to take turns winning games with the long ball to keep them in the winners bracket.

The home run king for the tourney was Skid Row's, Robby "The Roof" Struble with 11 homers with 2 being grand salami's. Rob hails from Kingston and his son Robby not only got to watch Dad win the home run crown, but was also the team's official scorer.

Congratulations to all who took their swings see you soon.

Basic Tournament Rules

  • 3 Players per team.
  • No catcher.
  • Pitching is medium speed, no fastballs, but riseballs, in-shoots, curves, drops are all legal.
  • One swing & miss is an out.
  • Hits are either a single or home run.
  • Catch the ball off the fence it is out.
  • Ground ball must reach pitcher to be in play.
  • Defense calls outs, fair, foul.

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