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Four-way Boxball
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Four-way Boxball
This game needs four people and a "big field." Proof that everything is relative, is that in this case, a big field means a wide sidewalk with a 2 x 2 box area and enough room to maneuver around it.

Each player has one square to defend. The four players straddle the outer corner of their squares, with player 1 starting as server. He lets the players know which box he is hitting the ball into and then that player defends and is able to hit into any square he chooses. The ball is kept in play until a miss or a faulty serve earns a point.

In four-way boxball, getting points is bad, and you lose if you got a set amount (usually 5, 6, or 11). Once a player racks up the losing amount of points, he is eliminated, and his box is considered out of bounds. If a remaining player hits the ball into this "Dead Man's Land," he gets a point.

Four-way boxball can be a high pressure game. You have to stay alert because you're never sure when someone might slap the ball at you. Your pals might even gang up on you (everyone shooting it into your court). Spins can be intense and slams brutal (we called them "killers"). You might declare "no killers allowed" in order to make it a more enjoyable game.

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