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Asses Up

Assume the position
Click for bigger picture
Here it comes again.
Asses up is a simple ritual. You stand facing the wall, actually leaning in head-wise so your bottom protrudes as a target. Your pals, about 30 feet away, rear back and fire the spaldeen at your butt. Each player gets one turn.

It doesn't hurt too much except if one of the Mariotti brothers substitutes a hardball for the spaldeen. Still, it's embarrassing and painful enough to heighten the competitiveness of the game.

So why are you in this compromised position? Plain and simple, you lost the game--and this is payment. Typically, there are only a few games in which this ritual is employed, Ace-King-Queen being the most notable. In fact, when guys together and reminiesce about street games, they might not remember the rules, but this consequence of losing is probably indelibly ingrained in their gray matter (shows just where the gray matter is).

Footnote: Asses up, one of the more high-brow games in our repertoire, is also known by the other sophisticated terms of Booty's Up, Mooney's Up, Butt Up, etc.

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