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Stoopball (Bounces)
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Stoopball (Baseball Rules)

Boys playing stoopball
Click for bigger picture
Pop-up yo, catch it on the fly!
The "modern" version of stoopball uses a baseball format. Instead of standing in front of the stoop and catching what you throw, you stand alongside, wind up, and really fire the ball. If the fielders catch it on the fly or if the ball goes foul, it's an out. If you miss the entire stoop, you're out, but also suffer the minor embarrasment of looking like a dork (the city equivalent of missing the side of a barn).

Imaginary lines, or physical landmarks (garbage cans, lamp posts, parked cars) delineate fair/foul territory. A line drawn a few feet from the stoop shows the minimum distance that was accepted as fair. The number of bounces a fair ball took (one to four) determines the type of hit.

The game is played with two teams, usually one or two on a side. You can have more players per team, and they might agree that only two or three can take the field at a time (perhaps can alternate), but whether or not they play the field, all players can "bat." This works well on those long hot summer afternoons when you have lots of guys and you can all takes turns within a relatively mellow game.

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