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Sitting on the Stoop

Car and stoop
Click for bigger picture
Old cars, timeless stoop
The stoop was the centerpiece of the urban landscape. First and foremost, it was a place where you'd hang out, an "open air meeting hall" for you and your pals. You could sit on the stoop by yourself, and watch what was going on down the block, or you could hang out with your friends, talk, play, and watch what was going on down the block. Stoops maximized the number of guys that could fit into a small area through combined vertical and horizontal seating. This close proximity was ideal for good conversation, card swapping, head smacking and all kinds of horseplay.

A good stoop needed the proper physical attributes, carved rocks with the right width, texture and height, but even more importantly, a good stoop had to have the right "feel". You had to like hanging out on it, and you had to be on good footing with the person who owned or managed the house. Perhaps they'd let you sit for awhile without chasing you off. Perhaps they'd even let you play ball.

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