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Presidential Pentathlon 2000
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Streetplay Presidential Pentathlon section guide

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Pentathlon news
• 3/9: Bradley & McCain quit, clash
• 3/7: Gore flicks a winner
• 2/21: Bradley, handball ace
• 2/14: McCain hops to victory
• 2/10: Forbes cashes out
• 2/4: Bauer falls out
• 2/2: Bush takes marbles
• 1/28: Events moved up
• 1/26: Hatch quits race

The candidates
• Bill Bradley (D)out of race
• Al Gore (D)
• Gary Bauer (R)out of race
• George W. Bush (R)
• Steve Forbes (R)out of race
• Orrin Hatch (R)out of race
• Alan Keyes (R)
• John McCain (R)out of race

 trash can: quit race

The events
• 2/2: Marbles
• 2/14: Hopscotch
• 2/21: Handball
• 3/7: Skully
• 3/14: Stickball

Pentathlon rules and scoring

In each event, the judgment of the referee is final. The winner of each event will be awarded 10 points, second place gets 5 points, and third gets 2 points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition wins the pentathlon. Ties will be decided by a sudden-death stickball longball competition.

Streetplay disclaimer

We know that many of the people who visit the site will be excited to hear about this unique event and will want to follow the competitions closely. However, we urge you, do not buy plane tickets or reserve a hotel room to attend.

The Streetplay Presidential Pentathlon 2000 is entirely fictional. Candidates won't really be coming to New York to compete in these games. None of the referees will actually appear at any of the venues mentioned. It's all a joke. We hope you get a laugh out of it. Of course, if you're a presidential candidate, a noted politician, or one of the "referees" we've mentioned, please contact us and let us know and if you'd actually like to participate in some kind of event.

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