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Fall 2002 edition
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Here's what's old on Streetplay
Dear Streetplay readers,

The leaves are turning color, which has inspired us to send you this latest edition of our newsletter in a new colorful HTML format. We hope you like it, and that you get maximum Streetplay joy from the newest stuff on our site.

Car made of beverage containers

Recycled Toys
Wherever there are few consumer products or where money is short, children make use common materials for games and play. Learn about "Recycled Toys" in our virtual display of a recent exhibit by the American Museum of Natural History.
Dennis Hopper and John Malkovich

Knockaround Guys: Handball at the movies
Sure, it's another story about mob guys, but in this one, it's a blue ball that's getting whacked--by Dennis Hopper and John Malkovich. Read our behind the scenes coverage--and buy the movie poster from our newest affiliate,
Array of Streetplay Store items

Streetplay-branded merchandise
We've teamed with to bring you a line of Streetplay-branded items. From sweats to clocks, we bet you'll find something you'll like. Try our both our Street Gear and Big Blue Handball specialty collections!

...and if you're in a spending mood, don't forget our regular store, where any purchase made through our affiliates--like keep us going.

Contest: Favorite holiday memory
We all have a holiday story--whether it's happy, poignant, funny, or just weird. Tell us your favorite today, and if we judge yours the best, you'll win $50.
Halfball Returns to "Southie"
Ten teams showed up for the first South Boston annual halfball tournament. Read about the action and the rules to the game.
Stickball Classic 2002
Vanderbilt Avenue by Grand Central Station was the perfect "pinball like field" and the scene for the 2002 Stickball Classic Finals.
Senior Stickball in Florida
It'll be the Flatbush Egg Creams vs. the Coney Island Bull Dogs in the new "senior" stickball league down in Wellington Florida.
We hope you enjoy all this stuff, as well as our HTML newsletter format. Now get out and play!

-The Streetplay crew

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