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First Day of Summer 2000 edition
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Here's what's old on Streetplay
Dear Streetplay readers,

It's finally summertime!  The parks and streets are crammed with
people playing games and having good times. It's going to be a
great season, but before you start dancing in the streets, check
out our online fun.

Streetplay Contests

We have two questions this month:

1) What is your earliest memory?
2) Do you recall a special summer vacation?

Two interesting themes.  Two separate contests.  Winners receive
the special Streetplay 50/50 prize ($50 for the best short story
and another $50 to the authorís favorite childrenís charity):

Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival

What do actor Joe Viterelli, basketball great Lenny Wilkens, and
fitness guru Lucille Roberts have in common?  Hint: it's not a
hometown in Iowa.  Find out the answer to this monthís mystery
question along with some great photos and classic stories:

Bronx Bombers

A great stickball tournament in the Bronx kicks this yearís
season into high gear.

Streetplay Comics

We're proud to feature the first edition of our new comic
series, the "Koncrete Kids":

The Streetplay Galleries

Our latest feature highlights kids having fun while cooling off.
See the wet and wild images in the gallery:

We all know that it's a hot time, summer in the city.  Turn off
the computer, go out, and have some fun.

-Thanks again!
 Mick Greene, CEO

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