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Holiday 2001 edition
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Here's what's old on Streetplay
Dear Streetplay readers,

The holidays are upon us--none too soon, in our opinion.  We've
decorated the site for the season... come take a look!

The Streetplay Store
We've added lots of items for the streetplaying set ranging from
nostalgic toys like Nok Hockey to celebrations of the urban
experience like Ric Burns' New York PBS documentary.  Every time
you make a purchase from our store your also giving us a
present: a commission from the vendor!

New contest: Favorite holiday memory
We know you have a great one.  Share your treasured holiday
memory with us, the winner receives $50 and another $50 goes to
your favorite children's charity.

The newest edition of Donald Jefferes' Streetplay-exclusive
comic strip The Koncrete Kids will forever change how you view
the game of marbles.

Our updated business plan should also bring a chuckle and help
you forget your financial worries.

Our printable 1-pagers answer the enduring question: "How do you
play that?"  We've just added a new bunch to keep you busy this

Thoughts on 9/11
As you may know, the stickball community suffered a great loss
when fireman Steve Mercado was caught in the WTC collapse.
Please visit our tribute to him.

We also invite you to join our discussion and share your
thoughts about the tragedy.

We've been sprucing up the site for holiday visitors--we hope it
shows!  Here's some things you may want to revisit:


Amidst the sadness of recent months, we hope the holidays will
bring us all a modicum of happiness and normalcy.  Bless us all
and have a happy and healthy holiday.

-Mick & Hugh and the Streetplay crew

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