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Dog Days of 2000 edition
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Here's what's old on Streetplay
Dear Streetplay readers,

We were having a mild summer at Streetplay headquarters when the
heat finally hit.  WHAM--instant dog days.  Our coverage of the
great games of the city is just as hot though, so grab a cold
one and browse our latest features from the air conditioned
comfort of your home or office!

The Double Dutch Divas

Who says life ends at 30?  Not the Double Dutch Divas, a great
group of ladies who may well be the only professional jumprope
entertainment troupe in the nation!  Get jiggy with the jumping
and watch our VIDEO coverage of these young-at-heart women in

Handball madness

This summer has seen a lot of little blue rubber spheroids being
slammed into the wall with the mighty swings of handball
champions.  Follow the bouncing ball with our coverage.

USHA One-Wall National Championship

Main section:

Streetplay Comics

The Kids are back at it, and now they're in trouble!  Read the
latest installment of The Koncrete Kids, the Streetplay
exclusive comic strip:

The Streetplay Galleries

Our latest showing is the work of the esteemed photographer
Karen Bell.  Save yourself a trip to the museum; visit the
gallery to see a selection of Karen's work:

Stickball championships

What would summer be without stickball events?  Read about what
happened both in the street and behind the scenes.

2000 Stickball World Series:

Main section:

Summer events

Putting up barricades on either end of a city block and throwing
a party in the street is a time-honored urban tradition.  Join
the fun with our coverage of this year's summer events.

111th St. Old Timers:

Main Section:

Streetplay Contests

A quick reminder: time is running out on our current contests,
"best early memory" and "best summer memory."  Enter before you

Please remember, while browsing in climate
controlled comfort is a great way to stay cool, you can only BE
cool if you get out and play!

-Thanks again!
 Mick Greene, CEO

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