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2000 NYC Stickball Classic
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• 8/12 Latinos Reclaim the Bronx

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Rich Torres about to whack the ball.
Click for bigger picture
Big Rich Torres made his mark in this year's longball competitions.

Stickball Classic - Longball Competition

Joey Rodriguez, winner of the 2000 Stickball Classic Longball Competition.
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Curtis Sliwa congratulates Joey Rodriguez, winner of the 2000 Stickball Classic Longball Competition.

The Stickball Classic is really two separate events. While the main part of the day is dedicated to team competition, the morning highlights individuals. The longball event allows contestants to compete and see who can hit a spaldeen the furthest. Winners of the borough long ball events get a $25 American Express Prize and the opportunity to compete for the City-wide crown and a free trip to Puerto Rico.

Big Rich Torres and Alex Serrano registered moon shots of 340 feet to share this week's prize. Rich was also the winner of the Queens event with a 285 foot drive. John Lipsett won the Manhattan competition, with a 305 foot blast. Jose Rodriguez, one of last year's finalists, and Tito Rivera tied for the Bronx crown at 320 feet.

Each contestant contributes $5 each (the money goes to the Police Athletic League) for 5 swings and the hope of being crowned the longball champ. Anyone who hits the ball 200 feet or more receives the Daily News 2 sewer pin.

Click for borough listings of contestants who hit the ball 200 feet or more.
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