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2000 NYC Stickball Classic
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Classic Coverage

• 2000 Stickball Classic home

The Streetplay Scoop
• 9/30 Emperors are the Champs
• 9/23 Latinos and Emperors
   win semi-finals

• 9/16 Youngbloods Take Brooklyn
• 9/9 The Emperors of Queens
• 8/19 Cavaliers Win in Manhattan
• 8/12 Latinos Reclaim the Bronx

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Everyone gets the chance to play.
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Everyone gets the chance to play.

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Stickball Classic - People News

Carol Barton, Ricardo Torres, Irwin Epstein and  Vincent Davino were the stars in this week's longball competition.
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The Stickball Classic brings together New Yorkers in celebration of a great local activity

Here's a recipe bound to bring out an interesting crew. Put together the Daily News, Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels, the Brooklyn Dodger Sym-phony Band, a bunch of great stickball teams from around the City, and a few brave souls who haven't played in awhile, but are interested in dusting off their broomsticks. Oh yeah, throw in the fact that the event raises money for a the Police Athletic League, a great youth organization.

Now that's a tournament that brings out real New York character, and some real New York characters too! At each stop of the tour, Streetplay has talked with the participants to try and capture a bit of the flavor in this tradition.

  • September 23 in the Bronx - Photo impressions of some of the people who made the semi-finals a great event.

  • September 16 in Brooklyn - Stickall weather produces monster longball shots, Councilman fills day with old-time games, a stickball rookie takes the field.

  • September 9 in Queens - Carol hosts longball, Butch gives Campi competition, Aunt Mary Stacey reviews the West Coast bat.

  • August 19 in Manhattan - Paddleball champ uses different racket, Mick rocks the mike, John Campi auditions for the Brooklyn Dodger Sym-phony Band.

  • August 10 in the Bronx - New Kids on the Block - East Bronx Bombardiers represent stickball's next generation. Home | What's New | Sitemap | About Us | Contact us
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