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2000 NYC Stickball Classic
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Butch auditions for Brooklyn Sym-phony Band.
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Butch auditions for Brooklyn Sym-phony Band.

Aunt Mary Stacey examines the bat.
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Aunt Mary Stacey examines the new West Coast bat.

September 9 - Stickball Classic - People News

Carol Barton called the Longball competition.
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Carol Barton called the longball competition

Calling the Shots

Stopping in between auditions and independent film appearances, Carol Barton called this week's Longball contest. While the field contained less competitors, the percentage of the players receiving a 2 sewer pin for hitting the ball at least 200 feet was higher this week than at any of the recent competitions (Streetplay's Mick Greene had previously been calling the event). Timely coincidence, or just another example of a bunch of guys trying to impress a good looking gal?

Sym-phony Band continues auditions

The Brooklyn Dodger Symphony band continued conducting tryouts for new members. As band leader Lou Dallojacono said, "Hey we're not getting any younger you know. In fact, I hear its getting hard to tell if we're getting any older too."

This week Butch, longtime Guardian Angel, auditioned for the position of bass drummer. Although he displayed a spirited style, Butch recognized that he faced serious competition. "Last week John Campi really showed how to beat this thing," he said. "You'd have to consider me a long shot for the position." Campi, playing it shyly was unavailable for comments. Rumor has it that John has been feverishly practicing for the past few weeks and has entered contractual discussions with Lou regarding his potential role.

Aunt Mary Stacey approves of West Coast style

Curtis' Aunt Mary Stacey inspected the new Williville Bat (see West Coast Style). Impressed with the quality of the workmanship, Aunt Mary contemplated using it instead of her cane. Unfortunately she was too late to participate in this year's longball competition and will have to wait to test the new bat in action. (See Aunt Mary Stacey in last year's competition) Home | What's New | Sitemap | About Us | Contact us
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