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1999 Back to Brooklyn Festival
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Sym-phony band members
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Sym-phony members: Lou Dallojacono, Joe Aiello, Dan Wilson, Joe Matty, Jojo Delio
Name: Lou Dallojacono
Location: Brooklyn NY 1940s & 50s
Story: The Dodger Sym-phony Band

Old Dodger fans (Brooklyn Dodgers that is) recall a stadium with the character of the neighborhood, packed every day with the most enthusiastic and loyal fans a team could have. One of the standard sights and sounds in those games was the Dodger Sym-phony Band.

According to Lou Dallojacono, one of the band's members, the band appeared at Ebbets fields every day from 1939 until the Dodgers left in '57.

"The first year they wouldn't let us in with our instruments, but we found ways of getting around it," said Lou. "The first guy would pay and go in. He'd then throw down some twine and hoist the instruments one at a time up into the stands.

"When Branch Rickey took over, he saw how popular we were and began to let us in for free. He gave us our own row in section 8 (affectionately known as the "loco section"). There about 10 of us in the band and we'd rotate depending on the time of the game and who worked nights or days. We had a bass drum, cymbals, trumpet, sax, sometimes a trombone. The crowd loved us.

"We'd do what we could to rattle up the other team and have some fun. We'd play our little ditties, start-up chants or make some funny sounds with those instruments. We had a whole repertoire of songs too. We'd start with Take me out to the ball game. When our pitcher was taken out we'd play Who's Sorry Now or Somebody Else is Taking My Place. When one of our guys got a base on balls, we'd break into Would you like to take a walk.

"We had a whole bunch of songs and routines, but I think we're best known for the song we always played for the umps, Three Blind Mice."

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