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6/18/03: The Harry Eichler School (PS56)
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PTA funfest

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The Harry Eichler School
There's even more pictures below!


A rainy, chilly day in mid June didn't dampen the spirits of lots of kids and adults as we visited the Harry Eichler School (PS56) in Queens. The local PTA chapter wanted some new activities for their kids during the meeting, so they contacted us to teach them the traditional games of the NYC street. We proved that all you need to turn the indoors into a great place for streetplay fun is a photocopied skully board, some jumprope, spladeens, and, of course, enthusiatic kids!

More evidence of the fun we had can be seen in the pictures below. Can Streetplay help you with your school (or other) event? Please contact us and we'll figure it out.

Intro to hopscotch Intro to skully
Advanced skully Intro to jumprope
Hopscotch draws a crowd Geography skully... a new game?
Let's not forget hit-the-coin The joy of jumprope

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