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10/2/04: Jerome-Gun Hill BID Street Festival - Let's Just Play in the Bronx
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Let's Just Play

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Kids, cops and fun at the Jerome-Gun Hill BID Street Festival
There's even more pictures below!


On October 2nd, 2004, Streetplay joined the folks at the Jerome-Gun Hill Business Improvement District Street Festival to teach kids how to play games that have their roots in the streets of the neighborhoods of New York City.

The Jerome-Gun Hill festival has become an annual event in this section of the Bronx, focusing on neighborhood unity and drawing thousands of participants of all ages. In addition to Streetplay teaching what Roberto Garcia, the BID's excutive director calls "Old Skool Games," this year's festival included a celebrity basketball game, performances by some of the Bronx's original rappers, local dance groups, community info, arts and crafts, and of course lots of food.

Streetplay and its partner City Lore, also used the event as an opportunity to participate in"Let's Just Play Day," a national day of activities sponsored by Nickelodeon. This is a grassroots campaign to empower kids to engage in creative, active, physical play, encouraging fun, and alleviating the pressures and expectations put on today’s youth when it comes to their participation in sports and game. At the street festival, we featured games that are fun and can be played right on the sidewalk or local playground, including box ball, box baseball, jump rope, hula hoop, skully, hopscotch, slap ball and stickball.

A special thanks to Roberto Garcia and the folks of the Jerome-Gun Hill BID for putting together such a great event. More evidence of the fun we had can be seen in the pictures below. Can Streetplay help you with your event? Please contact us and we'll figure it out.

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Image from event Image from event
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