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Add fun to your event

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A scholarly examination of a skully cap at the American Museum of Natural History. has brought the theme of play into events hosted by leading cultural institutions, neighborhood groups and schools. We've assisted in business teambuilding sessions. We've hosted games such as "Junkyard Sports," that highlight cross-generational play, involving young and old alike. We've even brought the theme of the "old school games" to private events such as bar mitzvahs. In addition to providing a wonderful experience at any event, Streetplay can also create Internet based follow-ups to showcase the experience.

Take a look below and see if there is something might be a good fit in your situation. Contact us, we'd love to speak with you about the possibilities.

Cultural Institutions

Streetplay has been hired by some of America's top cultural institutions, such as the Smithsonian Institute, the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and the New York Historical Society to lead workshops and demonstrations on the topic of play. During these events, we've discussed the roots of different children's games and have taught people of all ages how to play them. We've found the topic of play to be something of interest to people of all backgrounds and ages.

Schools & After School Programs

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Slapball and other games at a celebration of the Williamsburg Bridge.
We've visited schools and after school programs to teach kids how to play a wide variety of games. We have an educational activity that encourages the children to learn about the games played by their parents or other caregivers and to discuss this in class. This inter-generational learning module can be adapted to children of various ages and is an ideal tool to encourage listening and writing skills.

Note: The school and after school program is only available in the New York City and Los Angeles areas.

Neighborhood Events

Streetplay is an obvious addition to any block party or similar neighborhood event. Think of a stickball long ball hitting contest where everyone take a couple of swings or of introducing the neighborhood youngsters to hula hoops, skully, jump rope and more. These games can be played on sidewalks, streets, parks or parking areas and they add a fun and healthy dimension to any type of festival.

Streetplay's Business Offerings - Teambuilding and Junkfests

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Junkfests and Teambuilding events for organizations
Working in conjunction with folks from Junkyard Sports, we have several business offerings. The Junkfest turns your company picnic or special event into a celebration of community and creativity, featuring sports that focus on fun and participation rather than winning and competition. In our teambuilding workshop employees break into teams and figure out how to turn a bunch of junk into a team sport. After this creative endeavor, they compete against the other teams in the games they have created. It is a totally unique event which models systems thinking, participatory leadership and the ability of both the individual and team to adapt to change.

Learn more about Junkfests and Teambuilding.

Private Affairs

Want to have an atypical but highly enjoyable theme for your party? Consider something from the Streetplay/Junkyard Sports repertoire. We recently were hired to bring the "old school games" into an orthodox Bar Mitzvah setting. The kids loved playing skully, tossing cards, playing boxball, etc. Sure video games have become the main form of recreation for many, but kids really do take to activities that just require imagination and simple materials, like a rubber ball.

Contact us, we'd love to speak with you about the possibilities of working with you!

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