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Guys playing Ace-King-Queen
Click for bigger picture
Ace-King-Queen typical setting
Boxes, that's what we called the individual square shaped cement blocks that make up a sidewalk. All you needed was two or three fairly level, uncracked boxes for a full sized court.

Boxball games were simple, fields were everywhere, equipment minimal and only two guys were required. If fact, only two guys could play. If someone else wanted to get into the game, they'd call winners.

Boxball games had a sense of intimacy. Being physical and competitive in close quarters meant that you'd want to like the guy you were playing against. Played among good friends, the games were a perfect side-show and compliment to hanging out. The mood was generally light, but here and there an intense argument could arise. These small fields required concentration and a delicate touch, and these "games of inches," fueled lots of close debatable calls.

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