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Stickball will be a major focus at the Bronx YMCA this summer
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Stickball will be a major focus at the Bronx YMCA this summer
2001 Emperors Junior Division

Future Stickball Stars pose before the 2001 Junior Game
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Future Stickball Stars pose before the 2001 Junior Division Game
The 2001 Junior Division Game between the Little Rascals and the Pipsqueaks was clearly one of the highlights of the 2001 NY Emperors Memorial Day tournament. Although scheduled just for five innings, at the insistence of, and to the delight of the crowd, a full 7 inning game was played.

The game was originally scheduled to follow the opening ceremonies and in effect had been the only game actually rained out during the tournament! With the confidence of a man feeling blessed by rain at night and the day time winds that somehow kept the fields dry, league President Steve made it clear; the Junior division game would precede the tournament finals. If rain was to come later, this was the game that would be played.

It couldn't have worked out better. The crowd got totally into the game, chanting the players names fully relishing the full experience. There was a clear sense of pride in realizing they were seeing and encouraging the next generation of players.

The Little Rascals were comprised mainly of the kids who had been in the tournament last year, the Pipsqueaks were made of this years new additions. And while the age range was officially 4-12, two year old Austin Mercado was a bit hit by getting up there and taking his swings.

The Little Rascals took this one 6-2. Every kid got a tee shirt, a water bottle and a gold or silver medal with a league logo empbazened on the front.

The next set of junior games will take place this summer when the Bronx YMCA hosts a stickball league with sponsorship from The NYC Children's Services. For more information about Junior Stickball this summer contact Steve Mercado.

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