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Emperors Memorial Day
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The one that got away...

Best argument of the event.
Click for bigger picture
The best play of the event wasn't caught on film, at least we have the argument about the call.
Stickball is a fast paced game. Hitting by yourself combined with the pumped up ball often produces a lot of well hit shots with good action in the field. Aggressive base running, particularly among the younger players adds to the excitement.

Still, Sunday's game between the Bronx Emperors and the Puerto Rico Tainos produced one of the most exciting plays we've seen in the years that we've been covering these events. Unfortunatly since there were 3 other games going on at the same time only a small number of spectators and players actually got to see the play. In addition, no one had a camera well positioned for the shot. Great play, no photo; a description will have to do.

It was the third inning and the Emperors were down 2-0. Ervido Creales was on first, when Anthony Rosado hit a deep shot to the outfield. As Vido took off, Carlos Diaz, playing first base for the Tainos came in to cover the plate.

Vido's feet were churning and as he raced in. The throw was a bullet, arriving at the plate right on target, the same time as the runner. Carlos was blocking the plate, about to catch the ball and make the tag. In a mighty collision, Vido ran full force into Carlos, sending both men to the ground on either side of the plate. The ball dribbled away, Vido touched home.

Sensing the opportunity the Anthony rounded second, came into third and decided to go for the full 4 bags. Carlos shook off the hit, scrambled for the ball. Diving forward, he was unable to reach Anthony who slid under the tag and touched the side of the base.

One at bat, two great moments at the plate. Unfortunately neither I nor anyone else with a camera, was able to take the shot of this truly awesome play. Vido has inquired several times why we didn't get the shot. Dude, those are the breaks; people will just have to let the words create the picture and use their imaginations.

Who will make the future plays?

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